E. Tanne:
Die Frauenwelt auf dem Mars [The Women World on Mars]

Booklet, 35 pp,  € 6,50
* Rare german feminism Utopia from the year 1910; reprint






Hermann Wolfgang Zahn:
Between Hypnosis and Art. Recollections
Edited by Robert N. Bloch
Paperback, 220 pp, with photographs, index of persons and letters of Scheerbart, Kubin, Meyer and Aram to the author, € 16,-

Zahn: Zwischen Hypnose und Kunst






Hermann Wolfgang Zahn (1879-1965)
The World – A Fool’s Stage
Life and Work of the Writer and Neuropsychiatrist
The first documentation on the life and work of the author of the mystical and weird novels „Das Wallmüllerhaus“ (1930) and „Ich suche Morna“ (1931), also the romantic and dreamlike collections „Zwischenreich“ (1947) and „Die Wunderlampe“ (1948). The book covers Zahn’s strange hypnotic therapy and his friendship to Alfred Kubin, Paul Scheerbart, Arno Holz, etc.
Edited by Robert N. Bloch and Bettina Twrsnick
Paperback, quarto format, 76 pp mit 100 pictures, € 10,-

Zahn: Narrenbühne Welt






H.W. Zahn

Hermann Wolfgang Zahn:
Der Fall Trake. Occult Play
Paperback, 34 pp, € 6,50

Zahn: Der Fall Trake





Hermann Wolfgang Zahn:
Der Schatzgräber. A Tale of the Supernatural
Paperback, 32 pp, € 6,50

H.W. Zahn







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